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Nostalgic sounds for memorable content

Meet the Producer:

From playing on stage at various churches around North County San Diego (The Rock, The Movement, Grace Chapel, Beach Chapel) to producing music for various branded Youtube content, he’s firmly established a presence in the content creative space amongst Youtube content creators such as, (Beleaf in Fatherhood, Dad Gang, Hallese,) and earned a reputation as a multi talented composer capable of producing exciting and compelling music in a variety of different genres and styles. His music has been commissioned by Nike, Wal-Mart, Barbie, and a plethora of other recognized brands around the world.

James Russell (Jruckers)

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Building Beats

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THe process

After filling out your contact form, you will receive a google questionnaire asking specific questions to help me better serve your music needs. 

The questionnaire will gather all the info needed to begin your custom piece. But, if needed, we can setup a zoom call to meet and discuss further details or clarification you or I may have.

Once the form is received back, work will begin to meet deadline for 1st draft.

If there are any revisions needed, those will include changing sounds, shortening or lengthening arrangements. 




1st Revision

Upon further feedback, if needed, more changes will include further revisions to the sounds, shortening or lengthening of the arrangement of the track.

2nd Revision

Delivery will include a dropbox link that will be taken down in 48 hours of being uploaded. 


Building Beats

Building Beats